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Customer Loyalty Rewards

Earn points with each purchase and turn them into rewards. Loyalty Rewards is designed to thank our members for their continuous business. Points are earned and redeemable on purchases made online or at location.

  1. Sign Up

  2. Earn Points

    • Earn Points With Every Online Purchase.

      Get 10 points for every $1 spent

    • Sign Up Now and Earn 50 Points

      Get 50 points

  3. Redeem Rewards

    • 10% off all store products

      1000 Points = 10% off the lowest priced item in cart

    • Free Shipping

      2500 Points = Free Shipping for all items

    • Free Pastry

      2000 Points = 100% off the lowest priced item in cart

-Bakery - Unique pastries - Only fresh ingredients - Traditional pastries - Original cookies
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