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I Declair Pastries 
Return Policy


Refunds / Exchanges
Personalized/Custom Cake Returns
Personalized/Custom Cake Cancellation
Guarantee / Disclaimer
Refusal To Do (Continue) Business
All orders are subject to the policies listed above.
  • We require a 50% non-refundable deposit for all personalized and custom cake orders.
  • I Declair Pastries will retain the 50% deposit if you decide to cancel your order.
  • If you are not 100% satisfied with any item(s) in your order/purchase you may return the undesired item(s) to the shop location within 1 day. (At the purchaser’s expense.)
  • We accept item(s) returns only to verify conditions of the complaint or exchange request.
  • A return or exchange will be made when approved. Once approved, you will receive and instore credit only. No cash or credit/debit refunds will be made.
  • You may exchange an item for one of equal or lesser value. If desired exchange is of lesser value you will receive an instore credit for the difference.
  • Your receipt or order number must be presented as well as the undesired item(s) to receive a refund or exchange.
  • Once your order/purchase has left the shop location it cannot be restocked. We will dispose of the item(s) due to health and sanitation standards.
  Personalized/Custom Cake Returns
  • If you decided to pick up your cake order you will be required to sign a Custom or Personalized Cake Order Delivery Waiver, Otherwise, your cake will be delivered to your event location on the date and time requested in the Booking process. Once you have pickup/delivered and accepted/approved your Personalized/Custom Cake order is complete and no refunds will be made thereafter.
  • If you disapprove of your Personalized/Custom Cake we will make any minor changes if possible. Otherwise, your cake will be eligible for an instore credit minus the 50% Personalized/Custom Cake deposit fee. You will have 24hr to request a refund and return your cake. Any cake that has been more than 25% eaten will not be eligible for a refund of an instore credit. We will not refund a personalized/custom cake that has been completely consumed.
   Personalized/Custom Cake Cancellation
  • You may cancel your personalized or custom cake order 3 days prior to the event date delivery or pickup.
  • If you need to cancel your order and have done so before the 3 days’ notice then we will provide you with an instore credit for your Personalized/Custom Cake order minus the 50% deposit.
  • If you cancel after the required 3 days’ notice requirement, then you will be responsible for the remainder of your Personalized/Custom Cake order.
  Guarantee(s) / Disclaimer(s)
  • Every effort is applied to ensure the best quality for all our products. Personalized/Custom Cakes are detailed and require time and attention. We do all that we can to ensure that your order is created to the specification listed when you place your event booking. I Declair Pastries respects the individual creativity of others creations. Any uploaded images are considered © ® ™ and cannot be reproduced to create an exact reproduction for a Personalized/Custom Cake. However, we will produce a similar creative design that will provide you with your own unique Personalized/Custom Cake.
  Refusal To Do (Continue) Business
  • I Declair Pastries holds the right to refusal of continuation of work, to not accept an order or modification, or to produce an order. Refusal of order can include but are not limited to; sexual references, drug/paraphernalia references, racial references, social references, vulgar references. etc...
  • Refusal of order can include but not limited to; harassment of our team, negative public statements about the bakery, theft, copyright violation, being difficult to work with, partnering with another vendor/venue that may hurt the bakery's reputation, falsifying information (lies), balances left unpaid, etc.
  Contact Us
   If you have any questions regarding this Privacy Policy, you can contact us:
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